Parking lots have become a scary experience for me, so scary I feel like I should be driving a tank and wearing a flack jacket. My hometown of Rochester, Minnesota is a booming city, the fastest growing city in the state. New businesses are opening all the time.

Even if you are expecting someone, do not buzz them in until you hear and recognize their voice, because some criminals press the buzzer buttons for every resident of the apartment or condominium building.

The « new and improved » version of Caffeine Cruisers still meets in semi-lovely Torrance, California but has moved to a larger, new venue that organizers say offers « 4 times the parking spaces so there is no need to arrive before 7 a.m. for a spot and no need to park in the aisles or among(st) the ordinary cars. » They also claim there is no longer a need to cruise the parking lot like a Costco parking vulture, hoping that someone leaves and you can grab their parking spot.

The sharp edged headlamps and the prominent grille gives the polo a sporty profile. The side is characterized by taut lines. Volkswagen design team is said to have insisted on having alloy wheels on all variants.

Peg called our favorite hotels. They were all full. There were several conventions in town. She finally found a Bed & Breakfast, but they would only rent to us if we stayed for two nights. Later in the day after booking at the B & B we received word that another place could accommodate us for Friday evening, the night of the concert. We were amazed they had a vacancy especially after we checked into The Gaslight Inn.

The object had not made any noise as far as I could tell. I have seen airplanes and stealth bombers and helicopters and it did not seem to be any of those, unless one were painted black or very dark and had a ring of lights attached to the bottom of it. I thought for a moment it might have been a police helicopter searching for a suspect in the dark, but it was way too big and did not have search lights, only the lights described earlier. Plus, those tend to be very noisy, and this object was not. I considered the possibility that it might have been some kind of projected holographic image or special effects for a sci-fi movie being filmed. If it had been a pre-Halloween prank, it was a good one!

Do not display your keys for very long before or after you enter the vehicle. If at all possible, lock and unlock your vehicle with your keys still in your pocket.

Your strategy will have painted the broad brushstrokes of the customer experience but it’s now time to identify the detail – and the more detail the better. Remember our Italian restaurant? How will the customer get to it? How long will this take? What does the customer see as she approaches the front door? Who will greet her? Seat her? What will she see, hear and smell on the way to her table? And so on.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. One resident who is a weak link in building security can cause other residents to become victims of criminals. At your apartment or condominium residents’ meetings, everyone should know about and agree to follow the safety measures above.

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